How To Cancel A Order at Home Depot: A Step-by-Step Guide [2023]

Do you want to cancel your Home Depot Order? Are you looking for a guide to cancel an order at Home Depot? If yes, then this article will be helpful for you. In this article, we will tell you the process of canceling an order in all different scenarios.


Here, three scenarios can be possible to return items or cancel your order at Home Depot. These are item has not been purchased, the product already purchased, product out for delivery. Here, we have discussed all the situations and ways to cancel the order in all scenarios.

How to Cancel an Order at Home Depot?

There are different ways of canceling an order from my experience and orders in three distinct phases. The first phase is you haven’t purchased the item at Home Depot. The second phase is, you already purchased the item and Home Depot, but it’s not out for delivery.

Yet, the last phase is you purchase the item. It’s been processed by the supplier, and it’s out for delivery by UPS, so each of these phases has slightly different ways of canceling the order. So, I want to walk you through these three distinct phases or scenarios.

If the order has not placed 

The first scenario is the easiest to deal with. This is when the customer decides to cancel the order and hasn’t purchased it at Home Depot. Yet so, when this happens, all you have to do is go into eBay and cancel the order by selecting the second option, the buyer asks to cancel the order.

This is a good reason I like to wait a few hours, or even the next day, before placing my order at Home Depot, just if the customer decides to cancel the order. I also want to make sure that there’s plenty of stock before I wait a few hours or the next day.

If you have purchased item

The second scenario is, you already purchased the item at Home Depot, but it hasn’t been sent out for delivery by UPS, and the customer tells you that they want to cancel the order. In most cases, you can call or chat with a home depot agent to tell them you want to cancel the order.

The sooner you can do this. After placing the order, the more likely that you can, you can successfully cancel your order, but the longer you wait, the less, the less likely it that Home Depot can cancel your order, but I’ll.

Give you an example. So, on Saturday, a customer places an order, and on Sunday, he told me he wanted to cancel the order. I already bought the item on Sunday, and he called after. I purchased the item. As soon as I got his message, I chatted with Home Depot to see if they can cancel the order and what they tell me was that you know the supplier is closed on Sunday, and I can try again on Tuesday since Monday was a national holiday.

In the US, so on Tuesday, I was able to get Home Depot to communicate to the supplier that I wanted to cancel the order. When this happens, you need to go back into eBay and cancel the order ISIL option two.

If the item is out for delivery 

The last scenario is, you already purchase the item at Home Depot. They gave you a tracking number which you upload. The order is in transit, and alpha delivery by UPS and the customer calls you, during this phase, to cancel the order.

You can have Home Depot’s call-ups reroute the package back to the suppliers in most cases. If the UPS cannot do that, you can have the customer refuse the package on delivery so that UPS can send it back to the supplier, but let’s, assume that Home Depot was able to get UPS to reroute the package back to the supplier.

If your supplier gets the returned item, then they are going to start the return process. You should get a return confirmation email from Home Depot, and then you need to follow up with Home Depot to get your refund, and once you get your refund, you can refund the customer.


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