Your Mac’s PDF Arsenal: Free Editors You Need to Try 

PDFs are a universally used format due to their compatibility across platforms and devices. Despite its popularity and widespread use, the format isn’t the easiest to edit. For instance, you can quickly cut, copy, and paste text into a Word document. The same actions cannot be repeated with this smoothness on a PDF document.  

Mac's PDF Arsenal

Wondering why? Because PDF documents are often scanned, so they cannot be changed in a snap. Sometimes, these documents are encrypted or password-protected. Hence, copying and pasting text from PDFs may be difficult.  

Luckily, this shortcoming can be overcome on your Mac computer in several ways. You can copy and paste from PDF on your Mac using the following methods: 

  1. Unlock the PDF by entering the correct password, and then you can choose the text > press Command + C to copy > press Command + V to paste the text to your desired destination.  
  1. Open the PDF document with Preview and copy-paste text. Preview is a macOS native tool with PDF-editing capabilities.  
  1. Extract texts using Automator, a default Mac utility. 

Besides Mac native tools, it would be better to use free PDF editors. These editors come with advanced features unavailable in in-built Mac tools. For example, you can copy-paste text using these editors and collaborate with others, edit the format or style of the document, add a watermark to the document, and more.  

Adding a PDF editor to your Mac’s PDF arsenal will make creating and reading PDF documents fuss-free.  

Some of the top choices are mentioned below: 

  • Acrobat Reader DC 

The PDF format’s creator, Adobe, has always been at the forefront in terms of allowing users to interact with PDF documents without a fuss. You can use the Acrobat Reader DC for a free PDF editor. This application is the stripped-down version of the full Acrobat tool. The Acrobat tool is paid software with premium features.  

The features of Acrobat Reader DC are: 

  • Users can view and comment on PDF documents  
  • Allows users to interact with multimedia presentations, forms, and other content in the document  
  • Connect to the Adobe Document Cloud to facilitate work across multiple devices and platforms  
  • A free trial is available that users can use to create and edit documents  

You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free. But to unlock additional features, you must get the premium version.  

  • Inkscape  

Inkscape is a PDF editor and a free drawing tool. Open a PDF document in this program and choose the Import Text as Text option. Once you have finished editing the document, save it as a PDF file or a supported format of your choice. 

The notable features of this PDF editor are: 

  • Manipulation of objects in the documents  
  • Object creation with shape, drawing, and text tools  
  • Comprehensive support for text editing  
  • Multiple strokes and fill options 

You can add this editor to your PDF arsenal to simplify editing and extract text for the document.  

  • Sejda  

Sejda is another popular PDF editor designed to boost the workflow speed when working with PDF documents. The software is free to use but comes with daily limits. For instance, you can only do three tasks a day. The file size is also limited.  

You can take a free trial to determine if this software is correct. If you like the software, you can get an annual subscription.  

The advantages of using this editor are that it comes with an array of editing tools and can be integrated with cloud storage.  

With Sejda, you can do so many things. For instance, you can combine PDFs, rotate and crop pages, split one document into two or more separate files, sign and secure the documents, add watermarks to the documents, etc.  

  • PDF Expert  

PDF Expert is a program specifically created for Mac. It is a cross-platform software that you can use on your Mac computer, iPad, and iPhone. The program’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive. The app offers a free trial, and you can get a premium subscription.  

When using this program, users can reduce the PDF document size and convert them. You can edit the documents’ images, text, and links, export annotations, crop pages, manage files, and more.  

  • Foxit Reader  

Foxit Reader is a lightweight, free PDF editor with enough tools for PDF signing, annotating, and form-filling.  

The PDF editor is lightweight and fast. It also has a typewriter that helps users fill out the forms. You can also use an entire set of annotating functions, such as underlining, adding note boxes, highlighting, adding bookmarks, and more.  

  • LibreOffice  

LibreOffice is an exceptional tool available on Mac. This tool satisfies the needs of users to modify text directly on the PDF document. This tool lets you quickly delete, add, replace, and modify text. You can also add images to your documents with this application. You can add this open-source, free tool to your PDF arsenal.  

These are some free PDF editors for Mac computers. Do your due diligence before adding them to your PDF editing arsenal.  


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