Sonic Customer Survey 2024

talktosonic survey

Talktosonic also conducts market surveys to get feedback from its customers. It is evident in these surveys that customers are very satisfied with the service they have received from Talktosonic. The company’s survey revealed that customers focus on the quality of service and this is one of the reasons why they remain loyal to Talktosonic. These surveys help Talktosonic improve on its services by getting feedbacks from its targeted audience.

Steps to take Talktosonic survey

1) Go to Talktosonic Official Site

2) Sign up as a user and get your unique code

3) As you receive an invite on your email address, input that invite code into the field given while filling up the survey form.

4) You will get 100 points for every successful completion of a survey. And these points can be easily redeemed for Amazon Vouchers, Free Recharge, and many other exciting gifts.

5) Important Note: All the surveys available at Talktosonic are online surveys which mean there is no need to go anywhere else to conduct the stop-by survey; just sit back relax from where ever you are and earn valuable rewards in return for your valuable feedback with only 1 minute.

6) You can even share your feedback on Talktosonic Forum which helps other participants get answers for their queries quickly.

7) Another exciting feature is that of the Exclusive Offers section where all the users are notified about the latest offers available at Talktosonic just by putting in their email address.”

The payouts range from the lowest being 100 points to the highest being 2500 points and above. Also, on completion of every survey, you will be offered a Likert scale score along with Reward points.

TalkToSonic Eligibility Criteria

  • Only those people who are 18 years of age or above can participate in the TalkToSonic survey website.
  • You must have a valid email ID, this is to ensure that you receive the confirmation message and instructions from the company on completion of each Survey.
  • A valid working phone number will help you get registered with Talktosonic more easily as well as help you gain access to an exclusive offer that is only for Talktosonic members having verified numbers.
  • If your profile does not meet these criteria, then you can contact them at [email protected].
  • You should be able to understand English in order to take part in their surveys because it is in English.

It is advisable not to use an unsecured internet connection while taking Talktosonic surveys because some of the surveys are available only for a limited period and if one does not submit them within that time frame then it becomes invalidated.

For example, you will find four new surveys every week and once they get over there are no more chances left to take those particular surveys again. So at such times, using an unsecured network may be a risk of losing your response or you might end up submitting those responses later on but with no chance to claim any prize associated with that survey as well as getting points for that survey.

To qualify for a talk to sonic survey prize payout, you should have a minimum of 100 points in your account.


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24 thoughts on “Sonic Customer Survey 2024”

  1. I have been trying to put in my number it says I have too late past 14 days the date on the ticket is August 24 21 3:18 PM why won’t it work 107005240360. I cannot tell if it us a 5 or somthing else. I tried 6 and 8 also

  2. So why can’t survey be done? Every time I try it says thank you for interest but you not taking surveys at this time? Sonic gave me the survey receipt. Disappointed since I actually took time to fill it out.

  3. I was at the sonics in Michigan City Indiana did not get my order I’m very dissatisfied is dissatisfied I don’t I don’t bitch a lot but Is when I gave my order and they got it wrong And I was told to get back in line well The line was long and I work all day hard I just wanna Eat I go there twice a week I’m not going there no more thank you

  4. What have you done I have tried to enter my survey codes for the last three months . and when I do it gives me a run around . If you aren’t going to honor the things then don’t give them out

  5. I can’t get the survey. It takes me to a page that says “this survey is no longer available.” Have you discontinued it? If so, your franchises didn’t get the word as I’m still getting receipts inviting me to take it.

  6. We went to the Sonic on north Main Street in Madisonville Kentucky on 11/6/2021
    We ordered from the sonic app at 9:35am
    We arrived at 9:40am
    Logged in the stall we were in “12”
    Waited and waited
    The app said our food was on the way
    After another 7 minutes the carhop came out and said it would be a few more minutes
    Finally she came back out with our food and said she remade everything because it took so long but none of our food was out and ultimate breakfast burrito had hardly anything on it. I was very disappointed
    This is not how this should be


  8. I’m afraid Sonic nationwide is getting a bad rep, deservedly. Used to be our favorite place for fast food. Ours in Pratvville, AL, is filled with chairs in the order parking spots, presumably because the speakers don’t work. Sometimes, they don’t add a chair and one sits and sits and no answer on the speaker. YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS. We are just pulling out. Yes, things are slower now, BUT, this has been for over a year now. Either close up or improve facility with working speakers and staff.

  9. We went to Sonic at 2920 Harrison Street, Batesville AR we ordered bac cheeseburger toasters. When we got home both toasters were charred black The toast was badly burned but they served it anyway We couldn’t eat it but we were in a hurry so we just let it go

    • We went to the Sonics in Rapid City SD along East North Street. I placed the order for my wife and I, the girl kept talking so fast I could not understand her. I finally asked her to slow down so I could understand her, she didn’t seem happy with being asked to do so. After I told her my order again, she repeated it back to me. When they brought our food there was only one order, and the guy said he didn’t know anything about my wife’s order. My food looked like they just threw a bunch of stuff on my sandwich as it was running down the sides and didn’t look very good. We ended up going to a different place, and I will not be back.

  10. I went to Sonic Drive Thru in Memphis, Tennessee at 6981 HWY 64, zip code 38133. I ordered the Long Coney Chili Cheese Hot Dog combo and when I made it home to eat it to my surprise, the chili and cheese watery, not enough to cover the entire extra-long hot dog. Plus the hot dog was old and rubbery. When I went to return the hot dog the manager was rude and showed no concern about my complaint. This is the crappiest Sonic in Memphis in my opinion.

  11. This comment is in regards to the sonic in Anthem Arizona. This place is ridiculously slow. I wish their was a corporate number to call. The concept of FAST food is clearly lost on these people

  12. I placed a mobile order at the Sonic on Highway 67 in Cedar Hill, Texas on April 10th around 10:30am.
    I entered the stall And entered my stall number. I waited 10 minutes and finally pushed the button to talk with someone. They said they were short of staff and thst I had to go thru the drive thru. Never notified me of such until I called them.nnI waited another 20 minutes for my food. When I got home the food was cold mushy and not edible.

  13. Sonic #4858 Chattanooga, TN hwy 58… ticket # 299199… I paid 9.33 for CRUMBS… there were 2 pieces of chicken in my “JUMBO” popcorn chicken meal… this is the SECOND time my experience at this location has been UNACCEPTABLE… I will NEVER eat there again

  14. Got a free shake for my birthday. Thanks. Delicious.

    I thought I would order popcorn chicken and tater tots. Also delicious..

    The popcorn chicken was a big disappointment. Some of the nuggets were nothing but fried batter. The remaining were overcook and tough. I couldn’t eat them.

    Service was great.


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